100cr wealth, yet Imran Khan’s small flat only has 1 sofa, 3 plates

Imran keeps things simple in his day-to-day life – he doesn’t have live-in help and prefers to look after himself at his place

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Imran Khan, known for his roles in films like ‘Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na’ and ‘Delhi Belly’ have been out of the limelight for the past decade. However, he recently opened up about his unique lifestyle—that he prefers to live with only simple things around him.

First let’s have a look at his net worth. 

According to various reports, Imran’s net worth is over Rs 100 crore and before he disappeared from movies, his main source of earnings was films and brand endorsements. And now, it is being reported that Imran is gearing up to bounce back in Bollywood but behind the camera. 

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From Luxurious Bungalow to Empty Apartment

Imran Khan’s path to minimalism started when he left his luxurious Pali Hill mansion in Mumbai. About five years ago, during his split from then-wife Avantika Malik, he made a big life choice. Instead of picking another fancy house, he downsized and moved into a simple flat in Bandra.

Imran Khan
Bollywood actor Imran Khan. (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Film Companion, Imran shared, “For the past five years, just from the time I separated, I moved into this space where I’ve lived for the past 5 years. I started by moving into what was an empty space. And I started bringing things into my space, basis my requirement.” He mentioned that he needed a TV, a couch, and three plates. He also mentioned that in the past he would use a vacuum to clean up and wash dishes by hand.

Imran keeps things simple in his day-to-day life – he doesn’t have live-in help and prefers to look after himself at his place. Food is delivered from his mum’s house, and when it comes to crockery, he sticks to a strict rule of three plates only: one for each meal time. He jokes: “So how big can the mess get?”

Imran’s Reaction On Renting Karan Johar’s Apartment

Recently, rumors circulated that Imran Khan had rented filmmaker Karan Johar‘s apartment along with his girlfriend, Lekha Washington. When asked about this, Imran responded, “Again, it’s one of those things that I have never fully been able to wrap my head around. The notion of celebrity and fame and the idea that people follow you around literally and report on you and comment on you and all of that. I’ve always found it to be a little odd.”

Upcoming Projects

Imran Khan is anticipated to return to the screen in an OTT series directed by Abbas Tyrewala, who previously directed him in the popular film Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na.

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