13 papers leaked in 8 yrs in Gujarat, will Bandi demand Modi’s resignation?: KTR

KTR said that the saffron party lacked 'moral standing' to cast doubt on the BRS government's resolve to help the unemployed and that there had been countless instances of paper leaks in numerous BJP-ruled states.

Hyderabad: BRS working president and IT & Industries Minister KT Rama Rao has slammed BJP state chief Bandi Sanjay over the TSPSC paper leak issue, saying that the former made ‘unfounded accusations’ against the state government without knowing that TSPSC is a constitutional body and the state has a limited role to play.

“This demonstrates the level of his ignorance,” KTR remarked.

KTR delivered a press statement here on Friday warning that Sanjay would soon be prosecuted for his ‘political plots’. He admonished the BJP leaders to refrain from ‘politicking’ the situation for their own personal advantage.

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The BRS working president stated that by attributing one person’s error to the entire TSPSC, the BJP was attempting to incite ‘unrest’ among the youth who were out of jobs. Rama Rao recalled that Bandi Sanjay had made an appeal to the youth to quit their employment and cease studying for exams in order to campaign for the BJP.

The minister added that the saffron party lacked ‘moral standing’ to cast doubt on the BRS government’s resolve to help the unemployed and that there had been countless instances of paper leaks in numerous BJP-ruled states.

“In Gujarat, the state of Narendra Modi, 13 exam papers have been stolen during the past eight years. Does Bandi Sanjay have the guts to ask for Modi’s resignation?” he asked.

“How the government responds to an issue when it emerges is essential,” Rama Rao remarked, recalling how, as soon as the paper leak issue surfaced, the state government acted quickly, formed an SIT, and detained all the offenders.

“Although the occurrence was regrettable, the TSPSC has decided to cancel the Group-1 preliminary examinations in order to uphold justice and consider the future of all qualified candidates,” he said.

He reassured Telangana’s youth and students were reassured that they didn’t need to be concerned about the recruitment process.

He added that the BRS government had already demonstrated its commitment to the unemployed youth by filling up vacant positions and that the state government would take all necessary steps to achieve justice for each and every unemployed youth in the state.

“The State government established a new zonal system, unique to the rest of the nation, with the aspirational goal of delivering 95% of the jobs for Telangana’s youth as evidence of its dedication to their welfare,” he said.

He stated that Bandi Sanjay has previously used a similar style of irrational personal accusation in relation to the Intermediate exams without possessing even a basic understanding of how the government functions.

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