5 food items to help you pull an all-nighter

A sound sleep at night is ideal for the body to rejuvenate for the hustle-bustle of the upcoming day. But we all have those days when we must burn the midnight oil and work through the clock on something. In such situations, it’s necessary to trick your bodily chakras and keep sleep at bay for a while. Here are 5 food items that’ll do just the trick.

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This decadent dessert is loved by many for its creamy texture. If you have a sweet tooth, this snack is the perfect accompaniment to your late-night affair. It contains a minor amount of coffee which not only makes it a source of Caffeine but also gives it a uniquely nutty taste which is bound to keep you awake in wonderment. 

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Black Tea

A warm cup of tea can entice a whole room with its aroma! And its Caffeine rich composition can also keep a whole room awake for hours. However, it’s best to avoid making it with milk as it may cause minor heartburn. 

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Green Chillies

These contain Capsaicin, which can change your body temperature and make you feel temporarily hot. The burst of heat can supply enough energy to keep going for about an hour. However, consume these with care as they can burn the tongue easily. 

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Dark Chocolate

Another great source of Caffeine. While its rich and dense flavour is enough to keep your senses engaged, it also contains small amounts of Caffeine. Four squares of pure dark chocolate can have a similar effect on sleep as a whole cup of coffee. So, keep a bar nearby the next time you’re engaged in a late-night project.

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