83-yr-old man undergoes gall bladder surgery using AI-based technology

The surgery was executed with no blood loss and no harm to the cysts surrounding the gallbladder.

New Delhi: An octogenarian man has received a new lease of life after undergoing a challenging gall bladder surgery here that was performed using an AI-based technology, doctors said on Tuesday.

Given his age, surgeons in Kolkata had initially planned a surgical intervention while cautioning about the associated risks. However, during the surgery, the surgical team encountered an unexpected and life-threatening challenge, said a leading private hospital in Delhi.

“The patient’s liver was found to be riddled with balloon-like cysts, making it impossible to locate the gallbladder safely. Fearing a catastrophic outcome, the surgery was abandoned to prevent potential complications, such as severe bleeding,” it said in a statement.

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The 83-year-old patient then sought a second opinion from doctors in New Delhi, it said.

Recognising the immense toll the diseases had taken on the patient’s quality of life, Dr Arun Prasad, senior GI, Bariatric and Robotic surgeon at the Apollo Hospital here, and his team then prepared for the surgery.

The team “successfully performed an indocyanine green AI fluorescence-assisted gall bladder surgery on the man, relieving his severe abdominal pain caused by gallstone disease and a large hernia,” it added.

The surgery was executed “with no blood loss and no harm to the cysts surrounding the gallbladder,” it claimed.

Simultaneously, the team addressed the large intestinal hernia, doctors 

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