‘86% of Indian workers feel sense of pride at work’: Report

The report surveyed over 45 lakh employees from 1,394 companies.

New Delhi: About 86 percent of Indian employees responded positively to a sense of pride at the workplace in 2023, while 84 percent of workers responded positively to fairness and respect for their workplaces, a new report has revealed.

The report surveyed over 45 lakh employees from 1,394 companies.

“When organisations pay fairly, treat fairly, and cultivate a better work environment, the overall experience improves exponentially. Equal opportunities for all demographics not only drive higher productivity and innovation but also enable employees to find meaning in their jobs, creating a better future,” the report said.

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According to the Great Place To Work report, about 89 percent of senior employees felt most positive of pride.

Moreover, the report mentioned that the employees under the age of 25 years responded least positively to a sense of pride and fairness, each making about 85 percent and 81 percent, respectively.

The data cuts by gender indicated that male employees demonstrate greater credibility, camaraderie, fairness, respect, and pride than female employees.

According to the report, when employees of all demographics experience a great workplace, organisations experience an 8 percent increase in productivity and a 10 percent increase in the celebration of innovation at work.

Further, the report stated that organisations in 2023 will prioritise employees exceeding expectations, work allocation, customer care, pride, and finding meaning in their jobs.

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