Telangana: After launch of KCR Kit scheme, number of deliveries increase in govt hospital

The scheme is specifically for the poor women who cannot afford the treatments at private hospitals.

Hyderabad: The number of deliveries in Golconda Hospital of Hyderabad has significantly increased after the launch of the KCR Kit scheme in the state, Deputy Surgeon Gynaecologist of the hospital, Dr Soujanya told ANI on Monday.

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“After the KCR kit scheme was launched, the delivery cases have increased in the hospital. Earlier the patients used to get money if the people arrived here for regular checkups, but now, since they are providing more facilities, they are opting for government hospitals for their regular checkups and delivery,” Dr Soujanya said.

The launched KCR kit scheme came into effect on 4 June 2017 for the pregnant women who deliver their children at the government hospital. The main aim of this scheme is to provide all the items that are necessary for a pregnant woman and her newborn baby.

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Under this scheme, the women expecting a baby are provided with the financial assistance of Rs 12,000 in four phases by the government and are given an additional Rs 1000, if they give birth to a girl child.
The KCR Kits given by the state government contain Baby oil, Soap useful for the mother and child, Mosquito net, Dresses, handbags, Toys for children, Diapers, Powder, Shampoo, Sarees, Towels and Napkins, and a bed for the Baby.

Appreciating the efforts of the government and the helpfulness of the kit, a patient, Jubariya Begum said, “This was my second delivery, sir (doctor) came in the morning and gave us the KCR kit. In the kit, there are a number of items related to the kid’s concern like baby soap, baby shampoo, baby powder, etc.”
“We came here in an emergency so we could not bring anything…they also provided two good quality dresses for our child. We are poor we cannot afford all this but the government is providing us everything that a baby needs,” she added.

According to a staff member of the hospital, K. Saibaba, the kits are subjected to be given to the first and second child of the patient. The kit contains 16 items which would be useful for the mother as well as her newborn baby.

“As soon as the woman gets to know about her pregnancy, she is supposed to register herself in a nearby hospital, as an aftermath of which Rs 3,000 will be credited to her account for the maintenance. Later, if she gives birth to the child in a government hospital, she gets Rs 5,000 for a girl and Rs 4,000 for a boy, besides the KCR kit which is worth Rs 2,000,” Saibaba said.

According to Saibaba, after discharging from the hospital, she gets vaccine drops after 45 days and Rs 3,000 from the government and when she visits the hospital again for the vaccine drops to the child after nine months, she gets another Rs 3,000 in her account from the Telangana government.
This way, the government provides a total of Rs 13,000 to the new parents for the welfare of a baby girl and Rs 12,000 for that for the baby boy.

The scheme is specifically for the poor women who cannot afford the treatments at private hospitals.

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