Baraa Habab, aged 26, discovered security flaws in Facebook

A 26-year-old Syrian man Baraa Habab, who managed to discover a number of security vulnerabilities in Facebook and was able to access the page of one of the founders of Facebook, which led him to work with the international company — Facebook.

Baraa Habab, is a Syrian engineer, living in Sweden since 2016. He emerged in Damascus after great suffering, as the war in Syria forced him to leave the university where he studied information engineering, and he had to leave his country before he could complete his studies.

At the beginning of 2016/2017, Baraa discovered a flaw in the Facebook platform that allowed him to access many public and private pages on Facebook, without knowing the username, email address or password, which gave him access as if he were the owner of the site. the page.

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He attempted to reach out to Facebook to provide them with an insight into this vulnerability, but received no response. He was determined to prove to them the correctness of his discovery.

According to multiple media reports, Baraa reached several popular Arabic public pages with about 3 million followers, entered the official account of the second founder of Facebook, Chris Hughes, and wrote a phrase in both English and Arabic, “There is no such thing as 100 per cent protection, there is always a missing loophole.”

Through the steps that Baraa took, Facebook decided to listen to him, and the important documents in his possession convince Facebook that there is a threat. Facebook thanked him and even hired him as Facebook’s Support Developers.

Baraa is still working at Facebook as a support developer — specializes in spotting security vulnerabilities and bugs. In addition, he also works as a programmer for machines in the largest mining factory ‘Buffab Lan’ in Sweden, hopes to spread the thought and culture of information.

Baraa Habbab, kept searching for loopholes in the Facebook website, and whenever he failed, he would start over, certain that he would reach a conclusion.

It is reported that, Habab helps many with the issue of technological security, and responds to everyone as much as he can regarding everything related to social networking sites to educate them and create a privacy space for them to avoid violating the instructions of these sites, which affects their accounts and presence.

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