‘Besharam Rang’ row: Take back song or face boycott, says Sri Rama Sena

Bengaluru: The Sri Rama Sena in Karnataka on Thursday urged the production house of Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Pathan’ to roll back the “Besharam Rang” song or face a boycott.

Pramod Muthalik, founder of the Sri Rama Sena, stated on Thursday that these are not like old times. Change and awareness have come. The boycott calls on Bollywood movies have worked. If the Besharam song is not withdrawn, a boycott ‘Pathan’ campaign will be launched, he warned.

He charged that the ‘Besharam Rang’ song is indecent and vulgar. The song says the saffron colour is shameless. Bollywood is in the hands of Dawood Ibrahim, communists and atheists. They have been targeting Hindus and attacking their belief system, Muthalik stated.

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He said that the Hindi movie PK showed Hindu Gods in a distasteful manner. “Let them show burqa clad people dancing or a dance in the church. These kind of films set mindsets for living together, love jihad, rape and kidnaps. The censor board must take it seriously,” he said.

Meanwhile, veteran south Indian actor Prakash Raj has reacted angrily to the controversy surrounding Hindi film industry superstar Shah Rukh Khan and popular actress Deepika Padukone’s new release ‘Pathan’s ‘Besharam Rang’ song.

“#Besharam Bigots.. So it’s okay when Saffron clad men garland rapists.. give hate speech, broker MLAs, a Saffron clad swamiji rapes Minors, But not a DRESS in the film?? #justasking,” Prakash Raj’s tweet reads.

Pramod Muthalik has questioned Prakash Raj on his remarks. “It is Hindus who are showing patience and tolerance though they have been attacked,” he said.

The Besharam song has become an instant hit after its release, crossed 2 million views in two hours and has now crossed 42 million views.

The Hindutva activists across the country have raised objections to the song and stated that the attire of actors encourages love jihad. They had objected to the dance sequence where Shah Rukh Khan is wearing a green colour shirt and Deepika is flaunting a saffron outfit.

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