Bharti Singh’s health update: Comedian breaks down again

Bharti Singh underwent surgery to remove the stone from her gall bladder

Mumbai: Comedian Bharti Singh has been in the spotlight for health reasons lately, rather than her usual comedy shows. For past several days, she was not in high spirits as she was experiencing acute stomach pai, leading to her hospitalization. After medical examinations, it was discovered that she had a stone in gall bladder, causing severe discomfort.

Bharti Singh Discharged From Hospital

Bharti underwent surgery to remove the stone, which was successful. Following a stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 days, she is now discharged and shared her health update in her latest vlog.

Bharti addressed her audience, assuring them that she is now doing well. However, she couldn’t hold back tears as she expressed how much she missed her son Gola, after being separated from him for three days.

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“Aaj teen din hogaye hain Mujhe Gola se door hoke Aur Mujhe uski bahut yaad aarahi hai, Mujhe lag raha hai kuch bhi karke Uske paas chali jaaun, I’ll request Haarsh to get Gola to the hospital,” she said.

Further sharing her health update, Bharti Singh said, “The pain is gone, negativity is gone, I am very happy and feeling very good.”

Check out her full vlog below.

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