Bigg Boss 11’s Mehjabi Siddiqui quits showbiz to follow religious path, ‘Will always wear hijab’

Taking to Instagram, Mehjabi said that she is leaving the glamorous world of showbiz to follow the 'orders of her Creator'

Mumbai: Actress Mehjabi Siddiqui, who participated in Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 11, recently announced that she has quit entertainment industry. Taking to Instagram, she said that she is leaving the glamorous world of showbiz to follow the ‘orders of her Creator’. Mehjabi, who did a couple of music video post her BB stint, also added that she will always wear a hijab from now.

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Mehjabi Siddiqui’s social media note read: “I am writing this because I was very upset for 2 years. I had no understanding as to what to do to feel good. When a person commits a sin, then the shame of sin ends in a short time, but the bad deed remains till the doom.”

“Meine mehsoos kiya ke mein apni asal zindagi ko bhoolkar duniya ki dikhawe wali zindagi jee rahi thi (I realized that forgetting my real life, I was living the life of the world),” she said.

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Mehjabi also added that she is inspired by Sana Khan and has been following her for a while now. She wrote, “I was following Sana Khan sister for a year. I used to like her words very much and watching her videos awakened the hobby of listening to (religious) programs in me.”

Read her full post here.

Here’s what Sana replied.

For the unversed, it was in October 2020, when former actress and Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan left everyone in surprise with her decision of bidding adieu to glam and glitz. Later after a month, she made headlines with her secret wedding news with Mufti Anas Sayaid.

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