Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Wikipedia reveals WINNER name

It’s quite shocking to believe that he might win the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 title.

Hyderabad: Akkineni Nagarjuna-hosted Bigg Boss Telugu 6 is now slowly sailing towards the finale. Latest buzz has it that the grand of the most controversial reality show of Telugu TV will take on December 18. However, there is no official announcement from the makers yet.

While the show’s finale still has a couple of weeks to go, fans are already at tenterhooks to know which lucky contestant will lift the coveted trophy this year. Majority of the loyal viewers are predicting that singer LV Revanth will win Bigg Boss Telugu 6.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Winner

And amid this curiosity, we have come across one interesting thing. Bigg Boss Telugu’s Wikipedia page shows not Revanth but Rohit Sahni as the winner of the latest season.

MS Education Academy

Yes, you read that right! It’s quite shocking to believe that he might win the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 title.

It is noteworthy that Rohit Sahni was marked as the least deserving contestant in the starting week of Bigg Boss Telugu 6. But eventually, through his game play he has emerged out as one of the top contestants of the season. His calm personality, rather than losing temper like Revanth in the house, is winning hearts.

Top 10 Contestants

Currently, the top 10 contestants who are battling hard to reach the finale week are — Revanth, Srihan, Adi Reddy, Rohit, Marina, Inaya Sulthana, Faima, Keerthi Shetty, Sri Sathya, and Rajasekhar.

Let’s wait and see who will be the top 5 lucky contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 and which housemate will defeat all and lift the precious trophy.

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