BlackBerry sets up hi-tech IoT hub in Hyderabad

Mattias Eriksson, president of BlackBerry IoT, cited Hyderabad's talent pool and the state government's supportive policies as important reasons for selecting the city for their IoT center

Hyderabad: BlackBerry Limited opened the ‘BlackBerry IoT Center of Excellence, Engineering, and Innovation’ in Hyderabad, underlining its commitment to improving crucial embedded software development for the IoT industry.

The location is home to elite engineers and acts as the BlackBerry QNX worldwide developer network’s Asia-Pacific headquarters.

The BlackBerry IoT CoE was established in Hyderabad with the intention of assisting companies in expanding their operations in order to satisfy the growing need for embedded software solutions. It furthermore aims to use India’s proficient IoT inventors.

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The recruiting push has primarily been local, with job possibilities available to individuals interested in creating the future of software-defined vehicles and driving innovation in medical, industrial control systems, and robotics.

Mattias Eriksson, president of BlackBerry IoT, cited Hyderabad’s talent pool and the state government’s supportive policies as important reasons for selecting the city for their IoT center. The existence of co-partners and a healthy ecology also had an impact on the choice.

The second-largest BlackBerry IoT CoE in the world, beside Canada, is India, where teams of embedded software developers with a range of jobs and skill sets are located. These teams work closely with BlackBerry QNX software, which is well-known across vital industries for its dependability, safety, and security.

The Hyderabad team, which already has sixty personnel, intends to grow by double in the upcoming year. A number of noteworthy milestones have been recently reached by BlackBerry IoT. These include the release of QNX Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0 and QNX Sound, which are intended to improve software-designed manufacturing and audio experiences in automobiles.

Moreover, early in 2024, BlackBerry IoT plans to launch QNX Everywhere, a new effort, in India. By democratizing access to QNX development tools, this project hopes to increase the number of highly qualified embedded systems developers in India and other countries.

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