Clerics slam disputes on shrines, refuse to accept UCC

Saharanpur: Clerics on Sunday said repeatedly raising past disputes over ancient places of worship is not appropriate for peace and harmony in the country.

During a meeting convened by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind in Deoband, the clerics asked the community to remain patient, and said that India belonged to them too and those who were asking Muslims to go to Pakistan, can go there themselves.

Maulana Mahmood Madani said, “We had the choice of going to Pakistan but we chose to stay back here. Those who want to send us there now, can go themselves.”

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Madani refused to accept the uniform civil code (UCC) and said that it was against the spirit of Constitution which grants freedom of religion to every citizen.

The meeting also passed resolutions on the Gyanvapi dispute and the UCC.

The clerics cited the places of Worship Act 1991 and said that some people were deliberately creating controversies on the issue.

“We will not tolerate any interference in matters of Shariat,” they said.

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