Crime in Telangana below permissible limit for 11th time: DGP

The Telangana DGP reiterated that every SHO must participate in community policing program four times every month.

Hyderabad: Telangana director general of police (DGP) Anjani Kumar held an online monthly crime review meeting with all police commissioners and district superintendents on Tuesday. He said for the 11th consecutive time overall crime in Telangana wss found to be below the permissible limit.

The DGP appreciated the Telangana police for 99 percent reduction of under investigation POCSO cases. During the meeting a special session on emerging technologies like cryptography, crypto currency and block chain technology with cyber expert Ram Prasad was organised.

Anjani Kumar directed the police officers to be vigilant against the latest emerging technology related crime like crypto currency, block chain and cryptography. The Telangana police said that new crimes registered in the name of crypto currency, blockchain and cryptography in the cyber sector are likely to become a challenge.

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Cyber expert Ram Prasad explained through a powerpoint presentation about the nature of these cyber crimes and registration of cases against them. The DGP of Telangana advised the police officers to sensitize the public on 1930 helpline number in case of financial fraud online and filing a complaint through the relevant website on cyber crimes.

DGP noted that the cases of theft of cell phones have increased across the state and Central Equipment Identity Register (C.E.I.R.) system introduced recently by Department of Telecom Government of India is being specially introduced to identify these stolen cell phones.

Stolen mobile phone numbers and IMEI numbers of those phones are entered in this register and it will be easy to identify them and block those phones immediately wherever they are in the state, he said. A police officer will be designated as a nodal officer in each police unit. This policy will be introduced in the next ten days.

The Telangana DGP reiterated that every SHO must participate in community policing program four times every month. He said that this policy will help during the crisis. He suggested that for peaceful conduct of Sri Rama Navami Shobha Yatras on the occasion of Sri Rama Navami, procession routes should be cleared from any debris or obstacles in coordination with the Municipal, R& B and other departments.

He mentioned that after reviewing the functional verticals implemented by the police stations, the constable officers who show the best performance in the performance of duty should be recognized and given suitable rewards.

Additional DGPs Mahesh Bhagwat IPS, Abhilash Bist IPS, Sanjany Kumar Jain IPS, Srinivasa Reddy IPS, IGs Chandra Shekhar Reddy, Shanawaz Qasim, DIG Ramesh Reddy and others participated with all Commissioner of Police and District Superintendent of Police units in Telangana.

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