Cyberabad police arrest 7 for cyber fraud, seize 1 cr cash

The accused were allegedly running a fake call centre where they cheat foreign customers under the pretence of providing technical services.

Hyderabad: Seven accused were nabbed by the police of Cyberabad from Mohali, for allegedly cheating foreign customers on Thursday. The officials seized over one crore rupees in cash from the accused.

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The officials seized 1,11,40,000, 3 four-wheelers, four laptops, 12 mobile phones, ten CPUs, rubber stamps, checkbook, and debit cards.

According to the police, the accused were identified as Naveen Bhutani (41), Mohit (32), Nagaraju Bondada (36), Donthula Sravan Kumar (42), Monu (33), Sadhanala Mukkanti Srinivasa Rao (36), and Pavan Vennelakanti (34).

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The accused were allegedly running a fake call center where they trapped foreign customers under the pretense of providing technical services, said the police press note.

The case came to light when an authorized signatory of HDFC Bank complained that during transaction monitoring by their bank, on all swiping machines, they noticed that multiple suspicious transactions were taking place between HDFC bank and a merchant, Healthy Dental Clinic.

Transactions were being done through 85 different international cards with a debit of rupees 64.40 lakhs from HDFC bank in a short span of time between December 18 to December 23, 2021. The account holder also failed to provide proper proof for those transactions.

According to the police, the accused collected payments from customers under the guise of tech services but no such services were provided by them. The accused cheated the bank and foreign customers of rupees, 25 crores.

The police have advised bankers and payment gateways to obtain proper KYC of documents and hold physical verification of account holders while providing domestic and international transactions.

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