Delhi prostitution racket: Uzbek girls trafficked on bikes, says police

New Delhi [India]: Delhi Police on Sunday said that the prostitution racket which was busted in the Malviya Nagar area, was also involved in human trafficking by bringing the girls illegally from Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries on bikes via the Nepal-India border on the pretext of getting jobs in Delhi and compel them to work as sex workers till they get a job.

According to the police, these girls have not been made accused in the case of prostitution racket while they are accused of entering India without documents.

The Police said that an FIR has been registered against ten girls under the Foreigner Act, who have been presented in court and sent to Tihar jail.

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“No document has been received from them yet and only on the basis of her statement it is believed that they are from Uzbekistan. However, there are no other documents yet and once their documents are ready, they will be blacklisted and reported,” said the police.

“Most of the girls from Uzbekistan or neighbouring countries were first brought to Nepal by flight and then their visa on arrival was obtained there. Then they used to cross the border wearing a burqa,” it added.

The police suspect that some local boys from Nepal are also involved in this gang because those girls were not made to cross the main border of India-Nepal, but they used to come to India from Nepal wearing a burqa through unpaved roads.

As soon as they come to India, their passport and other documents were deposited with Ali Sher Tilladaev (the leader of this gang), who was arrested by the police on Saturday.

As long as the girls kept giving their share of their earnings, they were in Ali Sher’s gang and if they refuse to give their share, they were expelled from the gang. However, he never used to return their documents. They used to be transported back to Nepal without any documents and the police is investigating further about what happened to them after reaching Nepal. The police have not got much information about it.

Around 18 travel documents have been recovered from the gang so far which confirms that not only 10 girls work as sex workers for this gang but others are also involved.

Police officials said that people from all the countries including Nigerians and Uzbekistan want to live in India and in the last one and a half years, the deportation process of more than 800 people was started of which most of them are Nigerians. These figures include people from Nigeria and surrounding countries. Of the 800 who have been deported, more than 500 are from Nigerians and Uzbekistan alone.

According to the police, usually, these people do illegal work, because according to the law, if a foreign person who used to live in India without documents, then he will be deported. But if he has committed any crime in India, then he will have to face the punishment of that crime. They get a lot of time in this whole process.

The police officer said that there is a difference in the culture from where those people come, and this gang was taking advantage of that.

“Various levels of verification were done before getting them a customer. First, a reference was taken from the customer and then it was verified by the reference. No one could reach the girls without their identity,” said police.

Police said that five people have been arrested, who used to run this gang. There are two agents living in Sonia Vihar, a gang leader and a husband and wife, who are Turkmenistan nationals.

They are claiming to be husband and wife, while the police is still verifying this.

The police suspect that the husband and wife used to run this gang by taking girls from the gang leader.

Apart from this husband and wife, the police is apprehensive that more handlers are with the gang Ali Sher, after which the police is talking about the arrest of more people in this case.

A team of the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) and the Crime Branch of Delhi Police has busted a gang of human traffickers in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar area, who used to lure foreign women to work as sex workers and brought them from various regions of Uzbekistan to India and got them involved in prostitution, officials said on Saturday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Vichitra Veer said that five people have been arrested so far in the matter including foreign nationals. Those identified were identified as Mohammad Arup (34), Chande Sahini (30), Ali Sher Tilladaev (48), Jumayeva Aziza (37) and Meredob Ahmed (48).

Aziza and Ahmed are Turkmenistan nationals.

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