Dogs, cats roam freely in Osmania, Gandhi hospitals

Hyderabad: On one hand the popularity of government hospitals is increasing across Telangana and on the other hand the officials of the health department are failing to provide basic amenities to the patients.

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There is a nuisance of cats and dogs in Osmania and Gandhi hospitals.

Cats and dogs roam freely in Osmania and Gandhi hospitals and  TIMS Hospital is suffering from pests nuisance. The patients and their escorts are complaining about mosquitoes and flies in hospitals’ wards.

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The incident of a patient in MGM hospital’s ICU at Warangal being bitten by rats is ample proof of security and hygienic lapse in hospitals.

The state government is planning to set up 4 super specialist hospitals around Hyderabad and also to set up 16 medical colleges within the next 2 years.  These are commendable initiatives by the state government. But it is the responsibility of the state government also to provide basic amenities and to ensure cleanliness in the existing hospitals.

The number of security and cleaning staff is woefully insufficient.  The toilets are filthy as they are cleaned once a day instead of three times.  These lapses are routinely ignored by health officials.

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