Dubai private schools granted up to 5.2% fee increase

The KHDA must give its approval before schools can modify their fees.

Private schools in Dubai will be able to increase their fees by up to 5.2 per cent, depending on how they fared in the latest annual inspections. Schools whose ratings dropped will not be eligible to apply for any fee increase.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai’s education regulator, published an Education Cost Index (ECI) of 2.6 percent, which will allow schools to modify their tuition for the 2024–2025 academic year.

“Aligning the fee adjustment with schools’ inspection ratings emphasises the quality offered by schools while enhancing the competitiveness of the sector,” Khaleej Times quoted Shamma AlMansouri, director of Permits at KHDA.

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However, the rate of rise is determined by the regulator’s annual inspection rating for each private school in Dubai. The KHDA must give its approval before schools can modify their fees.

Calculations directed by KHDA

Schools may raise their fees by up to twice the ECI of 2.6 percent, or 5.2 percent, if they go from a “Weak” rating to an “Acceptable” or “Acceptable” to a “Good” rating.

A rise of up to 1.75 times the ECI will be advantageous for schools that go from being rated as “Good” to “Very Good.” That is a 4.55 percent increase.

Schools may raise their tuition by up to 1.5 times the ECI, or 3.9 percent, if they move from “Very Good” to “Outstanding” classification.

Also, up to a 2.6 percent price increase will be permitted for schools that maintain the same inspection rating.

The annual audited financial accounts of private schools in Dubai serve as the foundation for the Education Cost Index. It is generated in conjunction with the Digital Dubai Authority and provides an overview of the operational costs associated with operating a school.

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