Enterprise chat app Slack integrates ChatGPT to talk to employees

Currently, the new AI-powered app for Slack is in beta.

San Francisco: Salesforce-owned enterprise chat application Slack has announced the new AI-powered app — “ChatGPT app for Slack” to deliver instant conversation summaries, research tools, and writing assistance directly in the application to help millions of companies work more productively.

This new app combines knowledge found in Slack with the intelligence of ChatGPT, empowering customers with the information they need to move work forward faster, the company said.

“The ChatGPT app for Slack deeply integrates the power of OpenAI’s cutting-edge large language models into Slack’s conversational interface. There couldn’t be a more natural fit. This will give customers new superpowers by helping them tap the collective knowledge of their organization’s channel archives,” Noah Desai Weiss, Chief Product Officer, Slack, said in a statement.

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Currently, the new AI-powered app for Slack is in beta.

The company said that the app provides a conversational interface powered by OpenAI’s large language models to get instant conversation summaries to stay informed, research tools to learn about any topic and provide writing assistance to quickly draft messages.

With the ChatGPT app for Slack, users can get up to speed faster on channels or threads, instantly find answers on any project or topic, and draft messages in seconds to communicate with customers and teams.

“Injecting our own technology into this product has supercharged our ability to connect with and delight our customers. Life without it with our customers is unimaginable,” Zack Kass, Head of GTM for OpenAI, said in a statement.

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