Ethiopia: 21 Muslims killed in “planned massacre” in Gonder

At least twenty one people were killed after a group of people attacked mourners at the funeral of Sheik Kamal Legas, a prominent local Sheik in the city who passed away on Tuesday after a short illness. Several reports also indicate mosques were targeted in the attack.

“The number of our brothers killed in Gonder has risen to three. Mosques are currently being attacked; We have heard from residents that homes are being looted in broad daylight and Muslim property is being destroyed. If the state does not respond immediately to the government or the federal government intervenes, it will not be easy to stop,” wrote a well know Muslim scholar, Ustaz Bediru Hussien on his Facebook page.

The Addis Abeba Islamic Affairs’ High Council said in a statement on Wednesday that the attack was a “planned massacre”. The Council also said that mosques and Qur’ans were burned down, women were raped and properties belonging to Muslims in the city were destroyed.

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The Addis Standard reported on Wednesday, thousands of Muslims in Addis Ababa took to the streets demanding justice in front of the Grand Anuwar Mosque in Addis Ababa.

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