Everything in this cafe is made out of condoms

The cafe has taken an eccentric approach to tackle one of the biggest world problems, overpopulation

New Delhi: Thailand, a place often referred to as a bachelor’s paradise, is a travel destination that boasts of bold and fun-filled spots where tourists can have unique yet memorable experiences.

Speaking about uniqueness, there’s a cafe in Thailand that has taken an eccentric approach to tackle one of the biggest world problems, overpopulation, which is a result of poor family planning and lack of education, among other factors.

Digital content creator Mohnish Doultani had recently posted a video on his Instagram handle where he introduced his followers to this place.

Located in Bangkok, this cafe is named ‘Coffee and Condoms’, and be it the dresses of statues, flowers, Santa Clause beard, or lamps, almost everything inside this place is made up of different coloured condoms.

Explaining the reason behind this unique concept, in the caption, Mohnish wrote, “Why this name? So boss the founder believes that ‘birth control should be as accessible and as easy to buy as vegetables in the market!’ The cafe uses jokes, props, and visuals to overcome ignorance in people to discuss issues such as intercourse, family planning, and diseases.”

Even most of the decorations inside the cafe have been done using condoms including the tables that are inlaid with colourful condoms. The posters displayed across the walls also promote the use of contraceptives.

Ultimately, it’s no wonder that this cafe can turn out to be a fun place to visit with its light-hearted execution of a serious message that seeks everyone’s attention in the world.

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