Telangana: Extramarital affairs related murders on the rise?

Hyderabad: Murders linked to extramarital affairs seem to be on the rise in the city over the last year or so. Since the beginning of 2022, close to two dozen such murders were reported in Telangana.

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One of the more shocking cases was reported from the Siddipet district of Telangana. Barely 36 days after the marriage, a woman reportedly killed her husband with some planning with her lover and four of his friends. The accused, Shyamala (19), got married on March 23 to Chandrasekhar (24), but the police said she was in love with one Shiva for three years prior, and didn’t want to marry.

“Shyamala initially mixed rat poison in food and gave it to Chandrasekhar. He fell ill after eating the food and was admitted to a hospital. After treatment, he returned home,” Ravi Kumar, inspector of Siddipet II Town told reporters (earlier) about the incident.

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After the first plan failed, Shyamala along with Shiva, Rakesh, Ranjith, Sai Krishna, and Bhargav, hatched a plan to kill him.  Shyamala asked Chandrasekhar to take her to the temple and when they were going to the temple Shiva, Rakesh, Ranjith, Sai Kumar, and Bhargav stopped him. They strangulated Chandrasekhar and killed him.

Shyamala then told police that Chandrasekhar died due to cardiac arrest. Not convinced with Shyamala’s statements, the deceased’s family approached the police. 

The most brutal murder in Hyderabad, however, was reported within the Abdullapurmet police station limits at the beginning of the month of May. A scrap vendor K Srinivas Rao, killed his wife Satyavathi alias Jyothi and her paramour Y Yashwanth with a hammer and dumped their bodies in a tank.

Srinivas warned his wife Jyothi (38) and her paramour Yashwanth (23) to end the relationship, however they continued to engage, and ultimately Srinivas took them to a water tank at Abdullapurmet when they got drunk and murdered them. 

In Meerpet, recently three people were arrested for killing a man and trying to pass it off as an accident. The deceased Yashma Kumar was in an extra-marital relationship with a married woman B Swetha Reddy. He asked her to marry him after threatening to make her private videos public.

Due to the threat and insecurity, Swetha sought help from two of her friends Ashok and Karthik, whom she met on Facebook. The duo came to the city from Andhra Pradesh and called Yashma Kumar to Meerpet where the deceased was attacked with a hammer, leading to his death. The police initially assumed thought it was a road accident-related death, investigation later found it was a murder. 

Police officials from Hyderabad said that there is an increase in extramarital affair cases due to the large-scale use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, and online dating apps. 

In the year 2021, of the 85 persons murdered in Hyderabad about 60 percent were a result of extramarital affairs. In 2020, 64 persons were murdered and in 2019, a total of 84 persons were murdered. Maximum cases were due to extramarital affairs. 

Maximum extramarital affairs involve friends, colleagues, or even family members. The passion for crimes is how the officials term the extramarital affair murder cases.

In many cases, it was a love triangle, and disputes arose out of it. In some cases, the husband was found to have killed the romantic interloper upon coming to know about his wife’s illicit relationship or killed the wife suspecting her to be in an illicit relationship with some other person.

Where sexual jealousy was involved, the murders were found to be brutal and more violent compared to others. “It is because such murders are planned for months sometimes and the anger or jealousy levels are high and the killers unwavering. One can notice it by taking a look at the injuries inflicted on the victims,” the official explained.

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