Family of Palestinian prisoner Ahmed Manasra calls for his immediate release

The family of Palestinian prisoner, Ahmed Manasra, called for his immediate release due to his deteriorating physical and mental health conditions.

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“The psychological and physical health of my son is very bad, and he must be released from prison immediately,” Manasra’s mother, Maysoun, told reporters in Jerusalem’s occupied town of Beit Hanina, adding that her son was “still held in solitary confinement.”

Maysoun stressed that her family were “still prevented by the occupation authorities from visiting Manasra,” warning that her son’s isolation could lead to his death.

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Manasra was born on January 22, 2002, in Jerusalem, into a family of ten. He has two brothers and is the eldest male in his family, in addition to five sisters. Before his arrest in 2015, he was a student in the 8th grade at the New Generation School in Jerusalem, and he was 13-year-old at the time.

Ahmed’s story did not start from the moment of his arrest, as he is among the hundreds of Palestinian children who face the violence of the occupation forces, including the massive and repeated arrests. Jerusalem witnessed the highest rate of arrests among children and minors.

Israeli forces arrested Manasra for his alleged involvement in a knife attack carried out by his 15-year-old cousin Hassan Manasra in East Jerusalem. While Hassan was shot dead by the Israeli police, Ahmed Manasra was seriously injured by an Israeli mob and run over by an Israeli driver, resulting in a fracture of his skull and internal bleeding.

As per media reports, Ahmad Manasra was initially sentenced to 12 years in prison. This was subsequently reduced to 9 years and a fine of over $47,000 which his family struggled to raise.

Ahmed suffers from psychological disorders and suffers from Edema which causes severe headaches and pain.

Ahmed was denied access to his relatives many times, and even when he is allowed to meet them, the meeting takes place behind the glass and for a short time.

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