First Indian movie to earn Rs 100cr was…

Disco Dancer did exceptionally well in India but it was the craze in Russia that stunned everyone

Mumbai: In the ever-evolving realm of the Indian film industry, achieving milestones and breaking records has become a common aspiration for filmmakers. However, there was a time when crossing the elusive Rs 100 crore mark at the box office was considered a monumental achievement.

It’s a dream of many actors even today to have a Rs 100 crore movie in their careers. But to make it happen is a big deal! Although it is much easier now, thanks to the rise in ticket prices and proliferation of cinemas, as well as wider global releases.

But do you know which was the first film to achieve the remarkable feat of earning Rs 100 crore in Bollywood? If you don’t, then check it out below as it holds a special place in cinematic history.

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If people had to guess which movie was the first, many would come up with movies like Ghajni, 3 Iditots, and Dangal. But what if we tell you that it was not any new movies?

Yes. The first Indian film to gross Rs 100 crore worldwide was a 1982 movie!

Again it’s not any Amitabh’s or Kamal Hassan-starrer as you all think. You would be surprised to know that the film was not headlined by these megastars but rather by someone different.

A soul who is known for his flamboyance and cheerful smile. The actor is known as someone who adds nuanced performances to his repertoire. Any guesses?

It’s none other than the Mithun Chakraborty! The icon on whose songs people still grove to even today. Mithun Chakrobaorty is no less than a legend.

From his golden pantsuit and his peeking chest, it is no surprise that the actor is known as the Disco king of Bollywood.

The first film to make the 100 crore club was Disco Dancer! It starred Mithun as Jimmy, a street singer who becomes a disco star. The film also starred Kim, Rajesh Khanna, and Om Puri in supporting roles.

Disco Dancer’s craze in Russia!

The 1982 film did exceptionally well but it was the craze in Russia that stunned everyone.

According to a DNA report, when released in Soviet Russia in 1984, it broke box office records to be the biggest hit in the country, selling 12 crore tickets for an approximate gross earning of 60 million roubles (roughly Rs 94.28 crore). That brought Disco Dancer’s total worldwide gross to Rs 100.68 crore.

Not only that, the obsession with Disco Dancer was so high in Russian audiences that it remained to be the highest-grossing Indian film overseas for over a quarter of a century.

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