Five incredible things found only in Dubai

The city, boasting a 108 billion USD Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is also a thriving tourist destination

Abu Dhabi: Dubai is known for its opulent hotels and skyscrapers. The city, boasting a 108 billion USD Gross Domestic Product (GDP), is also a thriving tourist destination.

Here are five amazing things visitors can experience only in Dubai.

Water Cars

The first commercial water car, Panther, was introduced in 2013. Dubai’s crown prince, Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al-Maktoum, owns six of these amphibious water vehicles. The most recent model has gained popularity in Dubai due to its very affordable price tag of just 135,000 USD.

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Undersea Hotels

Dubai has several hotels that allow their guests to stay under the sea. The suite’s guests are treated to magnificent undersea views, but for a hefty price.

The famous of the underwater suites sport floor-to-ceiling windows which provide a close look at the more than sixty-five thousand sea creatures who inhabit the lagoon.

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Robotic Camel Racers

Before 2004, there were numerous human rights concerns surrounding camel racing in the UAE, including the use of young children as jockeys in the aforementioned races.

The Emirates’ banned human jockeys in 2004 and switched to using robot jockeys.

The robots are aluminum-free and are capable of transmitting the camel’s heart rate and running pace to the race team who are exploring from a safe distance.

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Helicopter Taxis

The aggravation experienced by vehicles who are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic is one thing that unites motorists from all over the world.

However, It is common to see helicopter taxis hovering over Dubai skies. Residents of the Burj Khalifa frequently witness these heli-car taxis zipping across the cities.

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Indoor Ski Mall

The Majid Al Futtaim Group created Ski Dubai, which opened its lifts to the public in 2005.

Three lifts at Ski Dubai take skiers to the beginning of one of the five runs that are located in 25-storey indoor mountain. Each course varies in difficulty

The first indoor black diamond course in the world is the most advanced. The black diamond run is always the toughest, most complicated course on the mountain.

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