‘Goodbye’: Anurag Dobhal announces exit from Bigg Boss 17

The situation remains uncertain, and only time will reveal whether Anurag Dobhal will indeed exit the Bigg Boss 17 show

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 17 is getting exciting with each passing episode. All 16 contestants are leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience and make their presence feel on the show. One contestant who has been making headlines a lot since past few days is YouTuber Anurag Dobhal, known as UK07 Rider. He has been in the news for his ongoing tiff with the show’s makers.

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Dobhal, who enjoys a massive fan following called BroSena, has accused Bigg Boss of bias towards certain contestants, leading to tensions with host Salman Khan.

“I want to take voluntary exit,” says Anurag Dobhal

In last night’s episode, Anurag Dobhal was once again seen raising concerns about the show’s alleged bias. Frustrated with his complaints, Bigg Boss made it clear that the show would run according to its rules, including having favourites. In response, Bigg Boss issued an open challenge, adding to the difficulty for Dobhal, who eventually decided to leave the show.

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Dobhal was seen expressing his frustration, stating, “Bhaad me jaaye Bigg Boss… Bhad me jaaye show. BroSena is everything to me…I want to take a Voluntary exit. I am decided, I want a voluntary exit. Please open the door; I want to quit.” He earnestly requested Bigg Boss to allow him to leave. Anurag was also seen announcing to the other housemates about his exit. “Okay guys, bye bye, I am taking a voluntary exit from this show. It is a final goodbye,” Anurag says leaving all the housemates in the kitchen area including Munawar and Mannara in shock.


Adding to the drama, Dobhal’s brother, with the Instagram handle kalam_inkk, took to social media to make startling claims against Bigg Boss. He asserted that the show is scripted, and a narrative is being constructed to portray Anurag in a consistently negative light.

His brother even declared his willingness to pay compensation for Anurag’s exit, stating, “I won’t bow down; just fight, Anurag, I am with you. Let’s give them 4 crores.”

“Biased show as hell,” he further added in one of his Instagram stories.

The situation remains uncertain, and only time will reveal whether Anurag Dobhal will indeed exit the Bigg Boss 17 show. Let’s await further developments.

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