Google releases 2nd Android 13 Beta with thrust on user privacy

In Android 13, apps must get your permission before sending you notifications.

New Delhi: Google has released the second Beta of its Android 13 operating system that offers a slew of new features and user controls, along with updates to privacy and security.

At its Google’s I/O developer conference, the company said that in Android 13, “we’re giving you more control over what personal information you share and more detailed control over what files your apps can access”.

In Android 13, apps must get your permission before sending you notifications.

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“In addition, we’re reducing the number of apps that require your location. For example, you will no longer need to grant location to apps to enable Wi-Fi scanning,” said Trystan Upstill, VP of Engineering, Android.

Now, Android will automatically delete your clipboard history after a short period so apps are preemptively blocked from seeing old copied information.

“Later this year, we’ll introduce a unified Security & Privacy settings page in Android 13 that brings all your device’s data privacy and security front and centre,” said the company.

With Android 13, the company is going further to customise the phone’s look and feel with pre-made colour variants.

Android 13 also extends colour theming of your app icons beyond Google apps.

“Starting with Pixel devices, you’ll be able to turn on the ‘Themed icons’ toggle in your settings to have all supported apps also match your phone’s colours in a minimal, modern and consistent look,” said Google.

Android 13 also introduces better multi-tasking capabilities for tablets.

With the updated taskbar, you can easily switch your single tablet view to a split screen. Just drag and drop any second app in your app library onto your screen and you’ll be able to do two or more things at once with ease.

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