Gujarat BJP MLA blames gulf countries for alleged love jihad in India

These countries are funding Muslim clerics, says MLA

Banaskantha: Gujarat’s Deesa BJP MLA Shasikant Pandya alleged that gulf countries are responsible for love jihad in India.

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After attending a rally in Banaskantha district, he said that gulf countries are financing love jihad in India.

Continuing his allegations, he said that these countries are funding Muslim clerics for the purpose.

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Issuing a warning, he said that persons involved in it should be ready for the consequences if these activities are not stopped.

Holding elders of the community responsible, he said that why they don’t stop people who in the name of dance classes brainwash girls.

Protest against conversion of Hindu family members

Various Hindu organizations observed a total bandh in Deesa town on September 3 to protest against the conversion of three members of a Hindu family.

They are demanding that the administration should bring back the three members and reunite them with their family, if the administration fails to do so, in the coming days, Hindus will launch an aggressive protest.

Last week, three members of the family from Deesa Taluka – a woman, daughter and son were taken away by the daughter’s lover. Later they converted to Islam.

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