Hamas condemns holding Israeli concert in historic Beersheba Mosque

The Islamic Resistance Movement ‘Hamas’ on Friday announced its rejection and denunciation of the Israeli occupation’s decision to hold a concert in the courtyard of the historic Beersheba Mosque, in the occupied interior.

On Thursday, September 1, the Beersheba municipality and others held a concert in the Beersheba Mosque, and this move was met with condemnation in the occupied interior.

Israeli settlers published videos and photos, through their accounts on social media, documenting footage of the concert in the mosque’s courtyard.

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The movement’s spokesman, Fawzi Barhoum, said in a press statement received by Shehab News Agency, “We reject and denounce in the strongest terms the Zionist occupation’s permission to hold a concert in the courtyard of the historic Beersheba Mosque in the occupied interior.”

He considered this a “serious violation of the sanctity of the mosque, and a provocation to the feelings of Muslims around the world.”

Barhoum added, “The historical mosques of Palestine throughout the country will remain a pure Islamic endowment as they were, and will remain lofty landmarks that demonstrate the connection of the land and the people to the identity of Palestine, its history and civilization.”

He added that the occupation’s settlement and Judaization policy will not succeed in tampering with the landmarks of the land and changing the facts of history.

Barhoum called on people and their living forces to confront the “Zionist violations, and to protect their land and sanctities by all means.”

Palestinian anger

Palestinian activists denounced the holding of a concert in the Beersheba Mosque, under the auspices of the city’s municipality in cooperation with an Israeli company specializing in organizing concerts, calling for immediate measures to prevent concerts from being held inside the mosque.

It is noteworthy that the Beersheba municipality and several official Israeli companies and institutions have held, during the past months, continuous singing and dancing concerts similar to yesterday’s concert in the courtyard of the Beersheba Mosque.

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