Hijab Row : Students refuse to remove headscarf in Shimoga

Amid the growing debate over ‘Hijab‘ in Karnataka , Muslim students are being forced to remove the head scarf at educational institutions across the state. Some of them have been forced to return home as they remain firm on wearing the hijab to schools and colleges

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A video shared on twitter shows a group of Muslim students being turned away by college authorities, as they refuse to budge to the recent order of the Karnataka High Court. A twitter user, Mohammed Habeeb Ur Rehman termed the incident as legalised oppression of Muslims.

“Hijabi Muslim Students refuse to remove the Hijab & leave the Campus in Shimoga. Karnataka HC interim order goes against the religious freedom.This is legalised oppression of muslims. Muslim women are asked to choose between their faith & education.” read the tweet

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The Hijab Row

The hijab controversy erupted and has been raging since January, after students of a pre-university college in Karnataka’s Udupi were prohibited from wearing headscarves (hijab), as part of their religious obligation, in the college premises. The issue blew up after Hindu students turned up to their colleges wearing saffron scarves in a protest against hijabi Muslims being allowed to wear headscarves.

The state was forced to form a committee to decide over the issue and prohibited the students from wearing any religious garment, including the hijab until a decision is reached.

However, a number of protests by saffron-clad students and Muslims around the state forced the state to shut down schools and colleges for a few days.

Currently, the Karnataka high court that is hearing a petition filed by a Hijabi student of a PU college in Udupi, has provided no temporary relief to the students so far.

Educational institutions that were shut down by the state were directed to reopen ensuring that the state’s diktat, which prevents any religious garment from being worn to the institutions, is strictly adhered to.

As the high court of Karnataka provides no temporary relief to Muslim students protesting against the state’s hijab ban, protests in support of the girls have erupted all over the country, and beyond.

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