Hindutva YouTuber calls for genocide, sexual assault of Muslims

Adding to the growing Islamophobic and unrest in the country, especially since the release of the movie The Kashmir Files, a video of a man inciting violence on Muslims in the country has surfaced on social media.

The man masked in saffron, calls for a mass genocide against Muslims to avenge the death of the targetted killings of Kashmiri pandits in 1990. The man in the video (whose name is unknown) runs a youtube channel specifically to spew hatred against the Muslim minority in the country.

“We do not want bloodshed now and again. We do not want one to cry over the other. We will kill everyone from the youngest to the oldest. If we leave the young ones they’ll want to know who killed their father. They’ll grow spiteful and will want revenge,” says the man, calling for a genocide of Muslims in the country, in one of his videos that surfaced on Twitter.

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“We Hindus do not want bloodshed. We love and want peace. Our army will murder and finish them all at once. If you are a Hindu and want to avenge (the deaths) Kashmiri pandits, if you know a Muslim, trouble them,” adds the man.

The man that hides behind the saffron scarf, sits in the backdrop of an Indian flag as he directs Hindus not to develop amity with Muslims

“Use them and abandon them in difficulty. Leave them in a labyrinth of some kind. Use them (to your benefit). Trouble them so much that they cry, leave them tormented. Create an atmosphere that forces them to leave the country. We won’t let them leave nor will we let them live in the country,” he adds.

The saffron-clad goon who incites Hindus to commit atrocities on Muslims discreetly also runs a page on Instagram that he uses to inflame people against the religious minority.

“Use your brains and do it discreetly. If the administration (law) gets to know they’ll be forced to punish you. It is an independent country right now, so it is following the Constitution. Hence they will be forced to arrest you, so do this in secrecy,” he adds.

The man also incites sexual violence against Muslim women and threatens to rape them.

“If I was in control, I would split up your six-month-olds and hand each part to a parent. I don’t have power or I would rape your mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, and others,” the man threatens before he begins to hurl sexist abuses at Muslim women in Hindi.

The saffron-clad man who covers his entire face with the coloured mask, in another video, also expressed his stand over the Karnataka hijab row, questioning the need of students to cover their faces.

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