Hiring for blue-collar workforce in India up 7.4% in 2023

Kolkata emerged as the leading metro city showing growth in hiring.

New Delhi: The blue-collar workforce in India saw a rise of 7.4 per cent in hiring in 2023 and logistics, construction and real estate, tourism and hospitality emerged as the top sectors for top job opportunities, a report showed on Monday.

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Kolkata emerged as the leading metro city showing growth in hiring.

Following closely behind, Pune and Chandigarh emerged as the top-tier 2 cities displaying substantial progress in employment opportunities.

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Several factors, including the growth of SMBs, urbanisation, infrastructure development, expansion of the service sector, and a cost-effective labour market, are contributing to the thriving job growth in these cities, according to global matching and hiring platform Indeed.

“2023 showcased substantial hiring growth, especially in tier-2 cities. Looking to 2024, organisations embracing new tech emphasise the need for upskilling among job seekers for a brighter future,” said Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed India.

In 2023, blue-collar employers looked for GenZ talent, while white-collar sought millennial candidates.

About 49 per cent of blue-collar employers leaned towards hiring GenZ candidates (aged below 26), while 41 per cent of white-collar employers sought out millennial recruits (aged 27-41).

Both digital literacy (27 per cent) and physical strength (83 per cent) are also among the primary hard and soft skills that employers aspire for while hiring.

“Conversely, the preference for millennial recruits by white-collar employers suggests a nuanced approach to tasks that may require experience and refined skill sets,” the report noted.

The findings also showed that employers are ready to embrace next-generation technologies.

While 42 per cent of the employers indicated their interest in commencing integration with AI by taking small steps in 2024, 19 per cent of the employers conveyed that they have already put them into effect.

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