HMWSSB issues water bills without reading meters

Hyderabad: The irrigation department allegedly started issuing bills without taking meter readings in most of the neighborhoods of the twin cities. It was revealed during the investigation that the local officials of the department took meter readings without informing the higher officials.

It is reported that after the free water scheme by the Telangana government, the revenue of the irrigation department was reduced and the officials allegedly decided after reviewing the situation to bill at least Rs.250 per month instead of observing the meter reading on a regular basis.

Steps are being taken to collect the bills and those benefiting from the free drinking water scheme are also getting these minimum bills and if not paid, their connection is getting suspended. By charging interest on the bill amount, it will further increase in a few months putting a big burden on the citizens.

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In some areas of the old city and new city, the citizens are concerned about the minimum bill being imposed on the beneficiaries of the free water scheme. Citizens complain, when the government has announced to provide free twenty thousand liters of water, then what is the purpose of issuing the lowest bill.

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