How to search for polling stations ahead of Telangana elections

Assembly elections in Telangana are scheduled to be held on November 30 and counting to take place on December 3.

Hyderabad: With only two days remaining for the Telangana Assembly elections, it is crucial for voters to be aware of their polling station details by searching before voting day.

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Possessing a voter ID card alone doesn’t qualify a person for voting; individuals must visit the designated polling station based on their address.

Steps to search polling stations for Telangana elections

In order to find the details of the polling stations, the voters need to follow below steps

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  1. Visit the official website of the “National Voters’ Services Portal” (click here).
  2. Fill in details such as name, father’s name, age, gender, state, district, and assembly constituency.
  3. The search for polling stations for the Telangana elections concludes as details displayed on the screen after clicking the ‘Search’ button.

These details include not only the polling station address but also the part serial number.

Documents needed for casting vote in Telangana elections

To cast a vote in Telangana elections, a voter requires a voter information slip along with any of the government-issued documents.

At polling stations for Telangana elections, voters are prohibited from carrying cellphones, earphones, cameras, smartwatches, etc.

The assembly elections in Telangana are scheduled to be held on November 30, 2023. The counting will be held on December 3.

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