Hyderabad: 11,000 runners take part in India’s 2nd largest marathon

The NMDC Marathon, an annual event, is held in Hyderabad on the last Sunday of August

Hyderabad: A remarkable gathering of approximately 11,000 runners from various states and union territories participated in the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) 10K Run On Sunday, August 16. This exhilarating event was organised by the Hyderabad Runners Society in collaboration with IDFC First Bank.

The NMDC Marathon, an annual event, is held in Hyderabad on the last Sunday of August. It is organised by The Hyderabad Runners Society (HRS), which has the distinction of being the trailblazing entity in India to formalise and promote running as a pivotal facet of a wholesome and active lifestyle. Established in May 2007, this not-for-profit society ardently strives to foster a culture of fitness and well-being through running.

The two-day extravaganza drew an impressive throng of participants from all walks of life. The event was segmented into four distinct categories, catering to a diverse spectrum of running enthusiasts. These categories encompassed the full marathon, half marathon, 10k run, and 5k run, collectively traversing the scenic expanses of the city.

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On the 26th of August, the full marathon commenced at People’s Plaza at the break of dawn, precisely at 4:30 a.m. Subsequently, the half marathon witnessed the enthusiastic participation of four thousand spirited individuals, as they commenced their run at 5:30 am, following the captivating route from Necklace Road to Gachibowli.

Throughout this awe-inspiring marathon, strategically placed community cheer zones, nestled at various junctures such as the cable bridge, biodiversity park, and Gachibowli, played a pivotal role in bolstering and uplifting the spirits of the resilient runners who ventured forth on their remarkable 42.2-km run.

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