Hyderabad: 125-year-old yogi to attend SportsExpo in August

Hyderabad: Swami Sivananda, popularly known as the oldest and the happiest man at the age of 125 will visit the city in August to attend the SportExpo and check out a special Yoga Pavilion organised by HITEX and Hyderabad Runners.

He is a yoga guru who was recently honoured with Padma Shri by the Government of India.

The event organisers released a statement on Tuesday saying, “Yoga was never a part of the sports and fitness exhibitions so far. Looking at the growing popularity and public interest in this ancient science and art we have decided to have a special Yoga Pavilion at Sports Expo.”

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The release added that Swami Sivananda will take a one-day workshop to introduce the wonder of Yoga.

Swami Sivananda’s secret to his long life is he lives on an oil-free boiled diet. He demonstrates his life by living simple, disciplined, well-regulated ways of living with early morning Yoga. He practices and preaches simple ways of living and eschews the consumption of expensive commodities like fruits and milk products.

For more information contact D Ramchandram at 9848042020.

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