Hyderabad-based firm to export India’s first electric tractor

Hyderabad: City-based manufacturers of India’s first e-tractor for the Agri, Airport GSE, and goods carrier sector, Cellestial E-Mobility, on Sunday announced their partnership with a Mexican company, Grupo Marvelsa, for marketing and sales distribution.

Cellestial E-Mobility will target to sell 4000 e-tractors in the span of three years in the Mexican market as Grupo Marvelsa brings along its network of 2500 dealerships, 800 authorised service centres, and 35 vehicle units.

Cellestial E-Mobility launched the e-tractors in March 2020 and has registered 1800 bookings for the country’s first electric tractor.

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Founder & CEO, Cellestial E-Mobility, Siddhartha Durairajan, said “We found tremendous strategic and International marketing synergy with Grupo Marvelsa, besides, export sales. Further, we are exploring to leverage Mexico’s manufacturing power to produce our e-tractor and sell to the local market as well as create a base to serve North-American eTractor markets.”

Cellestial E-Mobility began its operations in May 2019 with an investment from a Singapore-based angel investor. A part of the Murugappa conglomerate, Tube Investment of India Ltd, acquired around 70 percent controlling stake in Cellestial E-Mobility for an investment of $21.5 million which strengthened the strategic growth of the company and expanding its networks.

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