Hyderabad: Commission game steers people on dilapidated roads

No surprise visits - CM confined himself to farmhouses, Pragati Bhawan

Hyderabad: The government of Telangana and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) have failed miserably in providing basic amenities in the city of Hyderabad. The city was declared to be garbage-free, but today, piles of garbage in the city defy the government’s claims of developing Hyderabad city on the lines of Singapore and Dallas.

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The government promised to make the roads of Hyderabad like a mirror. But in the last eight years, the construction of new roads is a distant dream and there is no attention paid for the maintenance of the existing roads.

The construction of new roads is seen as the commission game. It usually starts to warm the pockets of the concerned representatives and political leaders of the area and the result is substandard work. The badly constructed roads get back to their original condition within a few weeks.

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There is no difference left between the old and the new city in terms of the poor condition of the roads. Poor roads have become a source of trouble for people and traffic accidents have increased due to potholes.

Cement and concrete are used for the construction of paved roads, but at present asphalt roads are being constructed in Hyderabad. Experts say that the asphalt that is being used for repairing roads, as a result of which the asphalt leaves its grip in just two weeks and the roads are heavily rutted by people, especially two-wheelers.

It has been a tradition in United Andhra Pradesh that the Chief Minister makes surprise visits to the city from time to time to review development activities. In the last eight years, KCR has confined himself to farmhouses or Pragati Bhavan and the promises made during his initial visit to the old city have not been reviewed till date.

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