Hyderabad dentist duped of 1.45 lakh in cyber fraud

In April alone, residents of Telangana collectively lost over Rs 127 crore to cybercriminal activities.

Hyderabad: A Hyderabad-based dentist recently found herself ensnared in an alleged cyber scam, resulting in a loss of Rs 1.45 lakh.

Recounting her ordeal, she revealed that her interaction with the scam began innocuously enough through an Instagram page, leading her to contact an individual named Rebecca on WhatsApp.

Claiming to work as a recruiting manager affiliated with the Amazon partner platform, Rebecca enticed the dentist with a purported part-time job opportunity. To proceed, the victim was instructed to register on their app using a provided link and invitation code. Further instructions led her to engage with another individual on Telegram, identified as Bablu Kumar.

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Under Bablu Kumar’s guidance, the victim was directed to complete various tasks, each requiring upfront payments for specific orders. Initially, she complied, receiving commission payments for her efforts. However, as the demands for additional payments intensified, accompanied by promises of substantial profits, the victim grew suspicious.

After succumbing to demands totaling Rs 1,46,195, the dentist realized she had fallen victim to a scam when the promised returns failed to materialize. The alleged cybercriminals, far from delivering on their assurances, refunded a mere Rs 480, leaving the victim significantly out of pocket.

Upon realizing the deception, the victim promptly lodged a police complaint, leading to the registration of a case under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act. Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated, as cyber fraud continues to plague the region.

In April alone, residents of Telangana collectively lost over Rs 127 crore to cybercriminal activities, with substantial losses reported across various commissionerates. Despite concerted efforts by cyber police to raise awareness, many individuals still fall prey to such schemes, suffering financial and emotional consequences.

In response, cybercrime authorities urge victims to report incidents promptly through official channels such as www.cybercrime.gov.in or by dialing 1930. Additionally, the Telangana State Cyber Security Branch offers support through its toll-free helpline at 8712672222, aiming to combat cybercrime and safeguard citizens from fraudulent activities.

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