Hyderabad: Free offline workshop from Full Stack Academy

Hyderabad: A four-week free offline workshop will be conducted by Full Stack Academy starting from May 16.

Freshly graduated engineering students especially from IT and Computer Science departments are eligible to apply. However, other department students such as Mechanical, Electronics, Civil etc, can apply as well.

The course will commence from Monday to Friday from 7 PM to 8 PM. To register, send your resume to hr@fullstackacademy.in. You can also contact them at 7989371143/9561908109.

MS Education Academy

The course will teach students, particularly freshers, how to face an MNC interview. Situations like how to crack the aptitude tests, how to make a good resume, and how to manage a technical and an HR interview will be taught in this course.

Though the course has started on May 16, students and freshers can still apply.

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