Hyderabad honour killing: How unsafe Gmail password proved fatal for victim

Five days before the murder, the couple had come back to Hyderabad and started living in Saroornagar

Hyderabad: Setting up an unsafe Gmail password has proved fatal for B Nagaraju, the victim of honour killing which took place in Hyderabad recently.

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The unsafe password helped the attackers to locate him through the ‘find my device’ app.

It all started after Ashrin Sultana of Ghanapur village in Rangareddy district eloped with Nagaraju, a resident of neighouring village Marpally early this year. They were in love for the past seven years.

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On January 31, the couple got married in Arya Samaj temple in the Lal Darwaza area after the girl changed her name to Pallavi.

After the marriage, they went to Visakapatnam as they sensed a threat. However, five days before the murder, they had come back to Hyderabad and started living in the Panja Anil Kumar colony in Saroornagar.

Accused were waiting for the opportunity to take revenge

On the other hand, the girl’s brother, Syed Mobin Ahmed who was waiting for the opportunity to take revenge took the help of technology to locate Nagaraju.

As Ashrin had left her mobile phone at home, they accessed it and found Nagaraju’s mobile number by analyzing the mobile numbers frequently dialed by her.

Unfortunately, as the victim of the honour killing had set his mobile number as the Gmail id and its password, it became easy for the accused to guess and use them on the “find my device” app to locate the couple.

Ultimately on the night of May 4, Mobin with the help of his brother-in-law Mohammed Masood Ahmed attacked the victim in full public view. In the attack, Nagaraju died on the spot.

Hyderabad police is investigating the honour killing case to find out whether anyone else has helped the accused in committing the crime.

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