Hyderabad man held for morphing pics, blackmailing women

His modus operandi involved coercing victims to pay sum of money under threat of uploading manipulated pictures online.

Hyderabad: The Cyber Crime team has successfully apprehended a suspect involved in a disturbing cybercrime saga.

The accused, identified as Manish Verma from Hussaini Alam, was taken into custody for his involvement in morphing images of women sourced from various social networking sites. This malicious act was followed by an extortion attempt where he demanded money from the victims.

According to police sources, Verma was allegedly downloading pictures of random women from Instagram profiles. Subsequently, he used a web application to morph these images into explicit content, after which he proceeded to threaten the women involved.

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His modus operandi involved coercing the victims to pay a sum of money under the threat of uploading the manipulated pictures on pornographic websites.

The investigation initiated when a victim lodged a formal complaint on November 23. In her petition, she highlighted the misuse of her Instagram account, where her pictures were downloaded and manipulated.

The perpetrator went further, sending these doctored images to her friends and family while blackmailing her for financial gain. The Hyderabad Cyber Crime team acted promptly upon receiving the complaint, leading to the apprehension of Manish Verma.

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