Hyderabad: OU’s college of engineering to revamp BE, ME curriculum

Hyderabad: Students of University College of Engineering, Osmania University, will have 30-40 percent classes of their course curriculum designed by experts from concerned industry, along with the Research & Development organisations and college alumni of the university.

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In order to design the curriculum, the college is planning to rejig its entire syllabus for the post-graduate and under-graduate engineering courses.

Initially, the autonomous college will be overhauling its curriculum for the post-graduate programs which will focus more on performance-based, and skill-based learning besides making it industry-relevant. In each semester from the next academic year, a subject expert will conduct classes on Industry and R&D organisations and alumni.

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The college which boasts of a rich alumni network employed in reputed organizations has already extended its support. The classes will be conducted either online, offline, or in hybrid mode.

The college administration will assist dropouts from post-graduate courses through a part-time program. The initiative has been taken to reduce the dropout rate among post-graduate students which staggers at 40 percent.

With the reforms in the curriculum, such dropouts can now enroll in part-time programs to complete their pending course.

However, students must provide a no-objection certificate from their employer. They must also reside within the Greater Hyderabad Municipality Corporation limits.

In another student-centric approach, the college is drawing plans to implement relative grading instead of the present absolute grading system, where graders are determined by comparing them against their peers in the class. However, absolute grades are given on the basis of students’ performance.

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