Hyderabad restaurant’s ‘gold dosa’ grabs attention, know price

The dosa is served here with gold drizzled over the top of it

Hyderabad: Mutton paya, Khichdi Khatta, Dosa or fried idli is what almost every Hyderabadi has for breakfast in a week at least. The mutton paya is the most costly among all the most loved breakfast foods while dosa and idli are the cheapest ones.

A plate of Dosa will cost you around Rs 40 to 80 in the city but there is also a restaurant where you have to shell out Rs 1,000 to have this popular South Indian dish. Yes, you read it right. At ‘House of Dosas’ it costs you one thousand Indian rupees to taste a dosa but for a reason.

The restaurant serves the most expensive version of dosa in the city. It is served here with gold drizzled over the top of it. You might have eaten the dosa drizzled with clarified butter or ghee but if you want to taste the one with gold, then come along with Rs 1.000 to bite this golden dosa here.

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The ‘House of Dosas’ is located at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad. It is reported that the restaurant witness a good number of customers who want to have a bite of the gold-coated dosa on weekends.

The dosa here is laced with 24 karats of pure edible gold, according to multiple reports. Apart from golden coating, fried cashew nuts, almonds and pure ghee is used to make this unique and expensive dosa. This special dosa is prepared only after they are ordered by customers and according to reports around 6 to 8 dosas are sold out by the restaurant owner on an average per day.

What was the most expensive breakfast you ever had in Hyderabad and where did you eat it? Let’s know in the comments section.

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