Hyderabad: SHE Teams crack down on harassers, take swift action

SHE Teams intervened in cases where boys had engaged in misconduct on the roads and streets

Hyderabad: A joint team of Rachakonda police and Women Safety Wing of SHE Teams have taken proactive steps against individuals harassing women and girls.

In the first instance, a woman working in a chemical company from the Hayatnagar area was reportedly facing harassment from a male colleague. This man had been troubling her for some time by pressuring her to enter a romantic relationship against her will. Despite her attempts to reason with him, his behavior remained unchanged. He even threatened to share private pictures of her on the internet if she did not reciprocate his feelings. Frustrated by the harassment, the woman sought assistance from the SHE Teams, a dedicated unit focused on safeguarding women.

In another case, an auto driver named Hema Naik, who had been troubling a pregnant woman, was apprehended by the police. A few days ago, the woman hired his auto for an essential errand and made the payment through UPI. However, Hema Naik took this as an opportunity to harass her by obtaining her contact details. He began making constant calls and pressuring her to satisfy his inappropriate desires. When she refused, he resorted to damaging her house windows. The woman reported this behavior to the SHE Teams.

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Apart from this, an incident occurred in the Chinna Kodur area where a group of girls, who cycled to school daily, were being harassed by two boys on a motorcycle without a number plate. Inspired by the awareness program organized by the She Teams at their ZP high school, these students bravely reported the harassment to the authorities. Prompt action was taken, leading to the arrest of the culprits. Additionally, the SHE Teams intervened in cases where boys had engaged in misconduct on the roads and streets, counseling them and issuing warnings.

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