Hyderabad’s temperatures may cross 41 degrees Celsius today – These areas sizzle

Yesterday, Hyderabad recorded 39.6 degrees Celsius in Shaikpet.

Hyderabad: The temperatures in Hyderabad are likely to surge further as summer intensifies. It is expected that the mercury will cross 41 degrees Celsius in the city today.

Yesterday, Hyderabad recorded 39.6 degrees Celsius in Shaikpet.

Areas in Hyderabad where temperatures exceed 39 degrees Celsius

Not only Shaikpet, but Bandlaguda also recorded temperatures above 39 degrees Celsius.

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Moreover, Khairatabad recorded a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius.

The following are the areas in Hyderabad where temperatures either exceed 39 degrees Celsius or reached that level.

Areas in HyderabadTemperatures in degrees Celsius
Source: TSDPS

Temperatures in Telangana to reach 43 degrees Celsius

According to weather enthusiast T. Balaji, known for accurate predictions, temperatures in rural Telangana may soon reach 43 degrees.

However, evening storms are likely after March 30.

As temperatures in Hyderabad are already nearing 40 degrees Celsius, it remains to be seen how much further the summer will intensify in the city.

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