Hyderabad: Uber Eats team develops new feature for business owners

Hyderabad: The Uber Eats engineering team in the city has developed a new feature that allows restaurant owners to use their own delivery staff.

According to a report published by Telangana Today, a team of eight people from the Hyderabad Tech Centre including engineers, product managers and product operations are behind this feature. The team helps in growing the business globally and scaling it up to new heights.

The feature is very flexible. It allows restaurant owners or partners to use their own delivery boys while still getting orders from the Uber Eats platform.

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When there is excess demand or need for delivering to a wider geographical radius, restaurant owners can opt for Uber Eats courier partners for delivery.

Jaiteerth Patwari, engineer director at Uber and India Site Lead for Uber Delivery said, “The business line enables access to the Uber Eats platform for several restaurants globally by offering greater flexibility. It is aligned with our goal of offering restaurants a wide range of options that they can choose from based on their business fit.”

He also added, “Uber Eats is constantly looking for innovations that can yield impact at scale for the global market.”

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