Hyderabadi man dies hours before joining new job in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah: A Hyderabadi man died in Saudi Arabia hours before joining a new job, after several months of hunting for opportunities in the Kingdom.

Mohammed Mujaheed Ali (37), a native of Hakeempeat, Tolichowki in Hyderabad was found dead in his accommodation in Marfouh district, Riyadh on Sunday, the day he was scheduled to join his new job.

He was spotted after he passed away on the staircase of his new house in Riyadh, in the early morning hours of Sunday.

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The neighbours alerted the police, who then shifted the body to the hospital where doctors certified that Mujaheed had passed away following a cardiac arrest.

The deceased had been working in Dammam before he found a lucrative job offer at a new firm, which he was scheduled to join on the same day he died, informed his family.

The deceased is survived by his wife, Asra Sultana and parents, who sought the help of a noted community worker in Riyadh, Abdul Jabbar, to complete death formalities. The body is expected to be buried in a day or two, said Jabbar.

This is the second case of sudden death by a heart attack of a young Hyderabadi in Riyadh in recent months. Experts believe that increased psychological stress is associated with cardiovascular health issues, including high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

Noted Indian physician Dr Gayas Ahmed Sattar of Abad Specialised Clinic said that some people can also feel stressed in happy moments, like a new marriage, a new home, or meeting new people apart from a change of lifestyle.

Dr Gayas said that a change of lifestyle leads to traditional cardiac risk factors, like obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol and physical inactivity.

He also expressed concern over excess gym exercise and lack of sleep by spending large amounts of time on smartphones by Indian youngsters.

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