Imran Khan meeting with former CIA analyst raises eyebrows

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan has claimed repeatedly that the reason behind his ouster from power through a no-confidence motion by opposition alliance in the parliament was part of a US-led conspiracy of regime change.

Since his ouster, Imran Khan has carried this claim and built up an anti-US narrative, which he has repeatedly slammed for ousting him off power because of his extension of better relations and trade with Moscow during the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Today, Imran Khan stands as by far the most popular leader in the country’s political arena as hundreds of thousands of his supporters take to the streets every time he calls upon them to stand with him against what he terms as the current ‘imported government’, brought into power at the behest of the United States regime change conspiracy with an agenda to be “slaves of the US and the West.”

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It is also a known fact that PTI’s social media team has slammed the military establishment and the current Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa for becoming party to the regime change conspiracy. Social media, most of which is run by PTI’s social media team has made various trends against the Pakistan military establishment, which have ridiculed the army chief, the military establishment and even the judiciary for trying to push Imran Khan against the wall in his struggle for what he terms as ‘haqeeqi azadi’, which means true freedom.

With all of the narrative reaching to all corners of the country and abroad, Imran Khan has met with the former American diplomat, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst and lobbyist Robin Raphel at his residence in Bani Gala in Islamabad. The meeting comes after PTI’s US team decided to hire the services of Robin Raphel’s company to lobby in favour of PTI and create in-rows into the Biden administration to fix its image and relations with Washington, a step taken parallel to the ongoing slamming of the US administration for conspiring against Imran Khan in public rallies and gatherings across Pakistan.

As per sources, Robin Raphel met with Imran Khan at his residence in Bani Gala on Sunday afternoon. It was also revealed that head of PTI USA chapter accompanied Robin Raphel.

The meeting comes at a time when Imran Khan has been publicly accusing American diplomat Donald Lu for conspiring against the then government under Khan. Imran Khan waved a letter in a public gathering in Islamabad, claiming that he has letter with details of the conversation between Donald Lu and then Pakistani High Commissioner in the US in which, clear threats are being given of dire consequences if Imran Khan continues to stay in power.

Imran Khan’s claims have come in parallel judgment and criticism on his meetings with US former and current officials as he has met with Ilhan Omar, a representative of the Biden administration, US Ambassador to Pakistan and now with former CIA analyst and lobbyist Robin Raphel.

Question are being raised over the political narrative building of Imran Khan, who on one side, slams United States for conspiring against his government and ousting him off power, and on the other hand, reaches out to former CIA analyst to lobby for PTI in the US to better relations with the US administration.

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