Is Hyderabad supermarket at fault for worms found in Dairy Milk?

Recently, Telangana State Food Laboratory confirmed that Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates sold by supermarket at in Hyderabad were 'unsafe'.

Hyderabad: Mondelez India clarified on Thursday that the Dairy Milk sold by a Hyderabad supermarket recently was not affected during the manufacturing process.

Emphasizing the label on every Cadbury to ‘store in a cool, hygienic, and dry place’, the spokesperson mentioned, “We have tested the samples of the same batch, as well as other batches manufactured around the same time and found no issues”.

He said, “We follow the internationally accepted HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) program, the most comprehensive food safety system globally, to ensure our products are free from any physical, chemical, and microbiological issues.”

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Who is at fault?

The spokesperson, highlighting that chocolate requires careful handling in the distribution chain and storage, hinted that the product might have become unsafe either in the distribution chain or during the storage at the Hyderabad supermarket.

The Hyderabad supermarket, where the Diary Milk was sold, has not issued a statement on the worms found.

It remains unclear where the Diary Milk became unsafe.

Dairy Milk chocolates sold by Hyderabad Supermarket found ‘unsafe’

Recently, the Telangana State Food Laboratory confirmed that the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates sold by the supermarket at a metro station in Hyderabad were ‘unsafe’.

Both Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates sold by the Hyderabad supermarket were found ‘unsafe’ as white worms and webs were discovered in the samples.

It remains to be seen what action government authorities will take against those responsible for the quality of the chocolates.

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